Entry #3

Project done!

2009-11-27 13:59:00 by h4xninja

My uni project is finally done, you can watch it in all it's splender right here.

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be sure to favorite and subscribe :P But now thats out of the way, i have a video and sound elective unit starting monday so no rest for christmas just yet. But i should get my GTS flash done by mid december if all goes to plan, i hope. I have spoken to somebody about the sound and iv'e got the background music sorted out as well now, so it's just finishing the animation itself. but yeh, just a quick update for you.


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2010-02-14 15:06:09

Wow! Nice work :).


2010-04-08 20:25:01

awww sad ending but make part 2 please for the fans?