University Animation FTW.

2009-11-14 11:54:51 by h4xninja

Another blog post is here, and with it a news of Uni.
Myself and Edd Gould A.K.A. EddsWorld, have been working hard and finished shooting our stopmotion for our group animation at university, it's around 2 minutes long and follows a broken puppet trying to repair himself. When it's all done and dusted it will be uploaded to youtube and i'll pop a link on here.

In other news my flash (GTS Reborn) is going well if a tad slow because of Uni consuming all my time, but now we have finished shooting iv'e got more time to work on my own projects. Still lots to do at uni though. I would like to create a christmas animation this year but i havn't come up with a idea i like yet so no garentees, (still using keyboard and mouse :0)

But i'll end this post with a pic of Edd and myself next to our set.

University Animation FTW.


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2009-11-16 06:44:38

who is that dashing fellow at the back :O

h4xninja responds:

i have no idea, but keep your hands off him HES MINE.....TURK MA JERB.