Entry #1

It has begun...again...

2009-11-01 19:23:13 by h4xninja

Hello newgrounds.
Iv'e decided to start a new. A new acount for a new me.
I have used newgrounds in the past under a different name but its been around 4 years since then and with my new animations, and new effort i needed a new name. I was only 15 then, now im 19 and i half know what i'm doing.

Iv'e attempted to get back into newgrounds once or twice with new animations, but normaly it falls through, i either forget about the project im working on or the more it goes on the worse it looks. But i'm dedicated now, iv'e spent a good few hours today and over the past week starting my new animation:
GTS Reborn.
I was intending on having a new title from GTS, but i think it's oddly fitting. Iv'e put much more effort in since http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/
and i'm really pleased with how it's going so far.

GTS Reborn is named so as it's the new type of GTS, it is quite literaly reborn and redesigned since the original series. i will post more updates as it comes along. But it's still in the really early stages. As a personal project i really hope to be able to finish it before December, if not before the end of the year definately, especially with the christmas holiday, anyway heres a cropped snap of what iv'e been working on today:

Edit: I uploaded a better screenshot from the second room, i'm getting back into flash and the animation gets smoother as the scene progresses, also getting faster paced.

Edit 2: Thank you edd, who drew the art for my avatar, It's awesome :D

It has begun...again...


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2009-11-06 07:18:40

That's totally God in the bottom right corner